Dr. Fisher has written collaborative works and a true crime novel...
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Dr. Fisher is recognized for his philanthropy and innovation in the field of neuropsychology...
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Latest News
A Tradition Continues with Dr.Fisher's Support for Lollypop Farm's Humane Law Enforcement Department!
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Dr. Fishers latest presentation: Mental Health Issues in Veterans’ Capital Cases
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Pro Bono
Dr. Fisher acts as a pro bono expert in criminal cases of defendants with TBI...
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Jerid M. Fisher, PH.D.
Lockwood Professional Building
1 Lockwood Drive, Suite 100
New York
United States
(585) 734-0028
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Miscellaneous Information:

For Consulting Inquiries: Please outline the nature of the work requested of Dr. Fisher.

For Presentations: If you are interested in Dr. Fisher speaking at your location or event, please detail the subject, place and time requested.

For Pro-Bono Requests: Offer as much detail on the case as is possible and describe why you are seeking Pro Bono services from Dr. Fisher.

I appreciate your thoughts, comments and requests. I will send a reply as soon as I am able.