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  • Latest News

    lavoro magazine articleLatest News

    Dr. Fisher is featured in the Summer 2016 edition of Community Health Magazine for the LavaroGroup. Read about Dr. Fisher in the article "Master of the Mind".

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  • Forensic Neuropsychology

    Dr. Jerid M. Fisher 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE

    Dr. Jerid M. Fisher
    has three decades of experience in the field of Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Forensic Neuropsychology.

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  • Innovations

    jeridwbradybluInnovations in the Field

    Dr. Jerid Fisher developed inpatient and outpatient brain injury rehabilitation centers throughout New York State.



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  • Community Involvement

    rainbow bridge1Charitable Giving

    Dr. Fisher has donated the "Rainbow Bridge" to Lollypop Farm to comfort people in the loss of their animal companions. This beautifully crafted bridge leads to the Nelson A. Lengeman Pet Cemetery and Columbarium.

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  • Presentations, Lectures

    fisher nobles nan1Presentations, Lectures

    Dr. Fisher and James Nobles, Esq. presented "Strangers in a Strange Land: A Practical Survival Guide for Experts Entering the Criminal Legal System" at the 33rd Annual Conference for the National Academy of Neuropsychology, San Diego, California, October, 2013 

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  • Pro Bono Work

    Pro Bono Work

    Dr. Fisher acts as a pro bono expert in select criminal cases involving defendants accused of serious felonies who have histories of severe Traumatic Brain Injury and serious neurological disorders. Dr. Fisher testified in two different homicide matters (2014-2015) in which the defendants’ neurologic conditions played critical roles in their alleged offenses.

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About Dr. Fisher


True Crime Psychological Thriller by Jerid M. Fisher, PhD

Jerid Fisher, PhD, ABN
is a forensic neuropsychologist with over three decades of experience. Dr. Fisher's extensive professional career includes the founding of innovative businesses, collaborative works, articles, publications, consultation and speaking engagements at the leading edge of neuropsychology.

Dr. Fisher is also a leader in support of many community-based projects and charities.  See a short listing of his Charitable Projects here.

Jerid M. Fisher, Ph.D. - Forensic NeuropsychologistJerid Fisher, PhD, ABN has been a forensic neuropsychologist for over three decades. Dr. Fisher's extensive career has included the founding of innovative businesses, collaborative works, articles, publications and consultation at the leading edge of neuropsychology.

More Information

Curriculum Vitae:
Jerid M. Fisher's complete document is available here including:

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Special Projects: Jerid M. Fisher's involvement in the community is quite extensive.  More information outlining his involvement in community and charitable organizations is available.  Read More.